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Balanced meals for healthy living

Heirloom Chef was born out of necessity to gain control of my own health and wellness. I've always considered myself a mindful eater, but when I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at the age of 16 it would take me years to figure out that the food I ate could help heal me, or it could make me sicker. I believe that eating real food, free of added sugars, additives, and other artificial ingredients, is the key to finding real balance in health and wellness. I decided to combine my passion for healthy eating with my culinary degree and more than 13 years in the food industry to eventually become Heirloom Chef. We are dedicated to healthy food and to prove how serious we are, we partnered with Whole30 this year to bring you meals that will make you feel your best and the promise that we take great pride in what we make you each week.

We bring creative and healthy meals prepared by a Chef, straight to your door each week. We focus on seasonal foods, as well as pay attention to common food sensitivities so that we can provide the right type of food for each individual family. We hope you love what we do!


Chef Jackie Djordjevic

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