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How our services work

Below we explain how Heirloom Chef works as well as how to store and reheat your food once it arrives.

Ordering Guide

1. Set up account

When you're ready to order click the order button on the menu page. Create an account on our ordering page. Pro tip**you can curate what you like by choosing your preferences (Whole30, Vegan etc.) Choose a la cart to be able to view all our offerings.

2. Add items to cart

Pick your options from our weekly menu based on serving size. Use the drop down bars to select sizes. Add on any homemade soups, breakfast or snacks! Note that a new menu comes out each Tuesday and ordering closes Thursdays at midnight. You won't see our entrees after that, until the next one comes out.

3. Check out

Put your address in and choose your delivery day. Delivery is based on your zip code. We have a pick up option as well. Add your payment info in and submit! You will get a confirmation text with a receipt. Now sit back and let the food come to you!

How to enjoy your food

When your meals come, they will be cold and ready to reheat. They will have an expiration date of up to 5 days but note that this depends on many factors. Consume your meal by this date or freeze it for later. If freezing, pull at least 1-2 days before and thaw in refrigerator then reheat per the instructions on the label.

General reheat instructions:

-Single meals are microwave safe and take 3-5 min with the lid off (lid is not microwave safe)

-Family style meals come in a foil pan that is oven safe. Most meals take 30-40 min in a 350 degree oven to reheat.

-Soups arrive frozen. To thaw, simply refrigerate 1-2 days and microwave or reheat on stove top.

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